Dr. Deepa Katyal

My.V.Sc., MV St

Dr. Deepa Katyal is a leading Veterinarian practitioner in Mumbai. On completion of her Masters Degree in Parasitology from Mumbai, she traveled​ to University of Queensland, Australia to pursue her second masters degree in Veterinary studies. Her international exposure included working with the legendary Australian wildlife expert and conservationist Steve Irwin.

In the course of her 2 decade career, she has been involved with many animal welfare and animal rights organisations in various capacities. Her selfless work towards treatment of stray animals and fostering accident and trauma cases both wild and domestic animal, is well known She is also one of the very few veterinarian management in animals.

She is currently on the board of directors of the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management, USA since 2016.

Her association with various voluntary organisations such as PETA, RAWW, TSPCA including several other such organisations spans over a decade and a half.

She served as a trustee of People For Animals. All of these were typically involved in rescues, rehabilitation of wild birds, exotics including reptiles and other species, fostering, treatments as well as adoptios of stray and abandoned pets.

Her practice as well as work with the voluntary organisations saw a high number of neurological and trauma cases where animals even got paralyzed and the only humane option then was Euthanasia. After completion of a NAVC Institute Pain Management Program, she practiced pain management using acupuncture needles TENS and cold laser warding the pain of many animals effectively and the results were satisfying. She is one of few veterinarians offering physiotherapy and rehabilitation service in her city She reintroduced the concept of wheel carts , mobility harnesses which improve the life's of paralysed patients as well as their human companions. She plans to get more deeply involved in the subject & be able to help more immobile animals get back on their feet or atleast be free of pain and have better quality of life.

IVAPM - International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management, USA

Our Priorities

Animal pain management continues to be a rapidly expanding field as research findings and clinical experience continue to evolve. As treatment options grow,
IVAPM seeks to combine the traditional and medicinal modalities of pain management with complimentary treatments such as acupuncture, rehabilitation and physical therapy. As such, combining various pain management therapies allows for the best possible outcome for the animal. As a leader in the advancement of animal pain management, IVAPM is committed to the following priorities in veterinary pain management: Educating the veterinary community to recognize and treat pain in al0l animal species. IVAPM provides continuing education around the world on topics related to animal pain and offers the only interdisciplinary certification program for veterinary professionals.

Recognizing that treating pain in animals requires an interdisciplinary approach. IVAPM is inclusive by design. We welcome all medical professionals with an interest in veterinary pain management. Encouraging open communication on topics related to the treatment of pain in animals. Our members freely exchange information and consult with experts on the IVAPM Forum. Supporting standards of care for animals in pain. IVAPM develops, advocates for and communicates best practices in veterinary pain management.
Promoting pain management instruction for all veterinary students. IVAPM recognizes that today's students will be tomorrow's leaders in the field. We are working to have a student chapter at every veterinary teaching institution. Promoting humane, scientific investigation in the field of veterinary pain management. The IVAPM Research and Scholarship Foundation awards

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